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Our system is integrated from the world leader in car park systems. With many years of experience our team has deployed and integrated many car parks. We offer a complete solution including the equipment, the car park management system, the installation and the onsite maintenance. HOPNHAT parking management systems are built on an open architecture, we are able to incorporate or integrate new features on a continuous basis. When you tell us what functions you need, we come back with solutions

We aim to maximize your business potential and increase the satisfaction level of customers by enhancing the efficiency of your parking facility. We utilize our experience to provide professional parking management solutions.
Since we believe that each car park is unique and require customized management systems in order to achieve optimal operation, we take a systems approach in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking project that we handle.

HOPNHAT Parking Management System is a total solution to solve the parking management problems in a smooth and economically feasible way with minimum manual intervention. This solution is applicable to a wide range of parking spaces - small or large, fully automated or semi-automated. It is flexible enough to fit itself with any type of parking pass system with different classes of vehicles or different types of fees system. It can be used with smart cards and RFID tags too. It has an extensive reporting and analytics which can be used to monitor and analyze revenue collections.

The benefits of parking management system if installed:

  • Control any vehicle that enters or exits at the site;
  • Manage toll collection to avoid any lost;
  • Reduce labor and increase the level of safety;
  • It's easy in operation and also save parking time of customer;
  • Help to manage various vehicles by using of various ticket forms: hour tickets, monthly tickets or VIP tickets;
  • There is sufficient evidence to prove if any claims;
  • There is enough information to analyze and assess for management improvement as well as parking revenue.

The main features of this solution:

  • Accurate checks and controls on daily parking revenues.
  • Eliminating bottlenecks at check-in/out with reduced transaction time.
  • Extra safety for the vehicles by in and out image comparing.
  • Intelligent reporting & analytics to improve the profitability.
  • Customizable, on-demand statistical reports
  • Easy to compare past and current data for trend analysis

Semi-auto Parking Management system:


  • Proximity Card
  • Mifare Card
  • Printable tickets:
    • Hourly tickets
    • Monthly tickets and special tickets


Entry lane

  • LED panel for FULL or AVAILABLE indicator;
  • Loop detector to detect if any vehicle at entry lane;
  • Camera to recognize vehicle number plate and take full panorama;
  • Traffic lights (Green/Red);
  • Automatic barrier (option);
  • Ticket Dispenser
    • Guidance voice module
    • Ticket dispense module
    • Ticket verification module
    • Display module
    • Intercom set










Exit lane

  • Loop detector to detect if any vehicle at exit lane;
  • Automatic barrier (option);
  • Camera to recognize vehicle number plate and take full panorama;
  • Traffic lights (Green/Red);
  • Toll collection:
    • Reader;
    • Receipt printer;
    • Industrial PC;
    • Manual barrier control module (option);
    • Intercom set.


Others (located at management office)

  • Management Server;
  • Ticket dispense machine;
  • Printer (option);
  • UPS;
  • Network Switcher,... ;
  • Master intercom.



Parking Management software.

Main modules of parking management software:

  • List of items and configuration;
  • Lane control;
  • Card (ticket) issue;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Toll collection;
  • Process arising problem (ticket lost, entry/exit info mismatch,...);
  • Report, statistics & post-review;
  • Administration.

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