Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

HOPNHAT offers Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that improve safety, efficiency, waiting times, minimize travel times, smoother flowing traffic, fuel consumption and vehicle CO2 emissions of traffic and transport systems, We provide a seamless integration of information and communications technologies into a unified integrated system.

HOPNHAT build up solutions that applied for intelligent transportation system based on products and systems of Traficon (FLIR) and its software solution. Our key product is based on video detection technology. The main purpose of using video detection technology is to apply for:

  • Traffic data acquisition;
  • Automatic incident detection;
  • Intersection vehicle presence detection.

We are pursuing a combination of the core hardware and software for detection system and commit to offer a total solution for customers rather than simply products. Because the video detection system is multi-functional, fast, flexible and reliable. It is the perfect traffic measurement system for a wide range of traffic applications.

HOPNHAT offers a unique spectrum of applications:

  • Tunnel
  • Road
  • Urban


Safety - Road crashes cause suffering and loss of life as well as costing the nation. It took much billion dollars a year in this problem. Many collisions occur due to the stop-start nature of traffic in congested areas. ITS technologies can be used to smooth traffic flows and reduce accidents. Information provided through ITS can be used to direct traffic away from accidents and alert emergency services as soon as an incident occurs.

Productivity - Congestion lowers productivity, causes flow-on delays in supply chains and increases the cost of business. ITS can increase productivity by finding innovative ways to increase the capacity of our current infrastructure.

Environmental Performance – ITS helps to reduce congestion and stop-start driving can also reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared with normal driving conditions.


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