Parking Guidance System

HOPNHAT offers Parking Guidance System from the reputable manufacturers. Our solution provides drivers with a realtime indication of available parking spaces. Drivers no longer need to drive in circles "hunting" for available parking lots. Multiple display boards at strategic locations ensure that drivers are directed to the nearest available space quickly and efficiently

A sensors located at each parking lot sends a signal to the system whenever a lot is vacant. This will allow another vehicle to park, and prevents congestion, especially during peak hours. A vehicle detector bar placed at the entrance of each zone updates the display to indicate the available number of lots in that area ensuring that drivers can estimate if they will succeed in getting into the limited lots. The lot indicator light also enables drivers to locate available lots from a distance. By reducing the time needed to park vehicles, drivers will have more time for their personal tasks. Improving drivers’ parking experience also encourages repeat visits resulting in increase in revenues for the building owners

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