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HOPNHAT offers Public Address (PA) system. Our solution is recognized as highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly. There are many ways we can develop solutions to meet all requirements. The main purpose of PA system can be used for general announcements or emergency information, providing a simple way to get information out quickly. We can offer basic or advanced system, and it’s possible to customize to fit a variety of needs.

A Public Address system is a collection of audio equipment that allows broadcasts over a designated area. Often found in schools, office buildings, factories... PA system can be used for general announcements or emergency information, providing a simple way to get information out quickly. We offer full range of PA system that come with basic or advanced and we can customize to fit a variety of needs.

Whether you are interested in a single zone public address system for announcements and background music or an advanced multi-zone public address system with multiple audio sources such as some microphone paging stations, CD players and MP3 players, we can help you do it right.

Our range of products in public address systems start from simple yet effective single-zone systems to advanced IP-based public address systems suitable for large multi-purpose buildings where public address is of major importance. Our Public Address  Systems offer integration capabilities and for example they can be integrated to fire alarm systems to provide automatic evacuation announcements in case of a fire alarm.

The required ability and quality for project accomplishment, and it can practically achieve easy and convenient operation that compliant to the actual needs of project and international standards;

Our PA solution provided is of the best quality with less cost than the same type of systems in the market. By premium design and cost-competitive products application, user can achieve economical purpose.

Communicate to large numbers of people simultaneously;

Help people at designated areas to relax by broadcasting music sources;

Provide targeted, life–saving information in the event of an emergency;

Low cost for maintenance also.

Main Features:

  • Analogue & IP Based Solutions;
  • High power speakers and amplifiers;
  • Integration into fire, automation or safety systems;
  • Multi-Zone / Multi-Sources Options;
  • Easy and flexible use of system;
  • System with high stability, reliability, and safety suit to long duration consecutive operation;
  • System conforms to the principle of Open System. Any designed sub-systems can be extended with other functions.

Input Sources


Signal management & Pre-Amplifier


Control & Monitoring


Power Amplifier



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